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The Trust is a registered British Charity number 1129799 managed entirely by volunteers


Objects of The Trust

The advancement of public education and for the benefit of the Nation by promoting:-

  1. The restoration, preservation and operation (where practical), of all forms of small historic steam craft, to show to the public the historical evolution and development of the first uses of mechanical power in small boats.

  2. The preservation of books, drawings, records, photos, films, and any artefacts relating to steam boats.

  3. The training in the traditional skills required for building, maintaining and operating small steam powered vessels.

These objects to be achieved by raising funds and to assist, co-operate with, or provide grants or loans to any charitable organisation with aims compatible with these objects.

This Trust was set up by the Steam Boat Association to look after a range of historic steam boat drawings, catalogues, and photos which had been collected by the Association Archivist during the last forty years. The Trust are now digitising these to make some of these archives available for public interest and education.

Check our shop to see what historical material is now currently available:-

Back issues of the SBA Funnel magazine, reprints of historic catalogues, downloadable files, CD's of research material, and DVD video's of small restored steam vessels.

The Trust have also supported the following fund raising campaigns aimed at helping preserve part of Britain's Marine Heritage:-

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The Heritage Steamboat Trust is a Registered Charity, no:- 1129799