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The Heritage Steamboat Trust

Can you help us with information or provide historical material?

The Trust are still collecting information about historic steam launches - these are vessels over 100 years old and less than around 80ft in length. If you have old photos, drawings or any information on these early launches, please get in touch so that we can continue to improve our records.

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Ongoing work

We are digitising the extensive Steam Boat Association archive collection to make these publicly available where possible.

We also work other charitable organisations who are involved in conserving and operating steam launches. Two charitable trusts which have benefited from our support are The Thames Boats Trust and The Shamrock Trust, owners of the steam launches Cygnet and Shamrock respectively.

Please consider a financial contribution to help the preservation of historical steam launches

If you would like to support our work you can make a donation via our online contribution service.

Your donation can be made by Paypal if you have a Paypal account or by using your Credit Card.

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Thank you.


   Gift Aid It      If you are a UK taxpayer making a donation - please also fill in our online giftaid form

We can claim an additional 25% tax refund on your donation at no cost to you if you are a UK taxpayer.

This tax refund comes direct to us from the tax office; click here to find out all about the  Gift Aid scheme


The Heritage Steamboat Trust is a registered UK charity No 1129799

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