SBA Newsletters - March 1977, May 1977, and August 1977 - downloadable PDF files

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The SBA produced several Newsletters during 1976 and 1977.
These were in the standard Funnel magazine size and were first introduced because there were delays in the publishing of the Funnel magazine; no Funnel magazines were produced in 1976.

Later it was intended to produce newsletters additional to the regular Funnels where The Funnel magazine was to cover the technical side and the Newsletter cover social activities, however this was not continued. The publication of Funnel magazine reverted to four issues per year.

This download has 48 pages comprising three separate newsletters - March 1977, May 1977 and August 1977. The covers were printed on coloured paper which is not reproduced in order to keep file size low at about 3.5 Mbyte
Please note that the copyright on this catalogue is owned by the Trust. The downloadable PDF file is for private research only and must not be copied for sale to others.

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