About sales of the SBA Funnel magazines

Back issues of the SBA Funnel Magazine

The Trust have a stock of most Steam Boat Association "Funnel" magazines from 1972 when the club was formed; these are from the orginal print run. The range between Issue no 1 to Issue No 10 is now sold out. However these can now be purchased as a PDF file compendium, scanned at a high resolution providing access to these early editions of the club's magazines. Good value offering some great reading.

While later edition stocks hold out we are currently offering packs of ten consecutive issues from No. 101 (1999) to 150 (present date) - sales of these are available in "shops sales".

Individual copies of most editions of Funnel can be provided 1.50 each plus postage, please contact us if you wish to order specific ones.

In order to help with your back issue requirements we are providing a free download of the magazine index; these are in three files:- an index for issue No.1 to No.29; an index for No 31 to No 69; and an index for No 71 to No 113.

You might find this simple index to some technical Funnel articles by Lars Hansen useful ... Click Here.... the small PDF file opens in a new window.

There is no index currently available for magazines since issue No 113, however the SBA have produced a useful contents index for magazines 92 up to the current issue:--- Click Here --- which opens a link to a new page. Use your browser Edit/Find facility to search for key words in an Article Title or Author for any Funnel magazine from No.90 to current issue.

If you require any help at all please do contact us at:- info@steamboattrust.org.uk

Thank you for looking.