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The Heritage Steamboat Trust is a registered UK charity no. 1129799

The Trust is responsible for the management of the collection of historic steam launch records gathered by the Steam Boat Association of GB during the last 40 years. This extensive collection is made up of books, drawings, photographs and historic catalogues about steam launches and their machinery; much from over 100 years ago. We are in the process of digitising some of this collection and where practical to make it available to all who are interested and would like to learn more. The Trust has no income of its own and relies on volunteers to carry out this work.

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Trust objects are:-

  • The restoration, preservation and operation (where practical), of all forms of small historic steam craft, to show to the public the historical evolution and development of the first uses of mechanical power in small boats.
  • The preservation of books, drawings, records, photos, films, and any artefacts relating to steam boats.
  • The training in the traditional skills required for building, maintaining and operating small steam powered vessels.

  • These objects to be achieved by raising funds and to assist, co-operate with, or provide grants or loans to any charitable organisation with aims compatible with these objects.

    The Trust can also accept donations or bequests if you would like to support our work. Donations can have tax advantages to some UK donors also the Trust can claim tax refunds from the government (HMRC) if the donor pays UK tax.

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